Reviews of Day Zero????? Where are these bad boys????

I know for a fact there were at least 5 people I know of who saw this movie, plus there's bound to be general critics' reviews of its showing in Tribeca.  But I can't find one stinkin', bloody, piddly one.  I even left a message on the Day Zero home page pointing out the painfully obvious fact that posting reviews on their site would be sort of, I don't know, ...good publicity for the flick??  Okay, we all know Elijah's probably his usual fabulous self, but I need details; I live for spoilers (like I'm not gonna go to an Elijah Wood movie if I know about the plot already - puh-lease!! ) Anybody heard anything?  

Initial posting, and other vagaries

Seems I must post something, preferably something cogent and pithy (no that's not a misspelling, although I'm good at THAT too), so my lj doesn't feel neglected and contact Social Services.  So, this was it.....  Okay, I'll do a bit more.   I am a technically challenged legal assistant in the Bay Area, who has managed to be successful in this business over 25 years by the judicious application of duct tape (mmmm, duct tape) and mirrors, freeing up my extra time for doing good works and rearranging furniture all over the world.  My main interests are travel, English history, writing, my ridiculously cool and suave 20 year old son at university in Colorado, and figuring out just which planet Elijah's mothership calls home.  I'm not good at writing slash fiction.  I am, however, incredibly good at reading it.  I am grounded, sensible, and middle-aged.  I believe that people will be kind, given half a chance, that there is a heaven but probably not a hell, and that, if only for a short time, Elijah Wood and Dominic Monaghan realized they were each other's One True Love.  Takin that one to the grave.  Well, that's it - while I don't write fiction I LOVE to write letters/emails/epistles and respond to people who dazzle me with their honesty, wit and humor.  So, cheers, thanks for having me in this community, and let me know when you're in my neighborhood.